WPS Advisory

Making finance more accessible and helping people to make informed decisions, so they can live their best life.

Once upon a time

After they changed their name, WPS Advisory realised they needed a whole new brand approach to match. Our team of dreamers and creative thinkers put their heads together to devise a branding and digital strategy that would support people to make informed decisions about their finances.

Twist in the tale

WPS Advisory, independent financial advisors, wanted a fresh approach to their brand strategy as they widened their services. 

They wanted something that would establish them in the market place and set them apart from the competition. So our bookworms and strategic planners got right to it, delving into audience personas and their wants, needs and motivations. We teamed that with an immersive workshop where we quizzed the WPS team on their values and long-term goals. 

Their mission was clear: to empower people to make informed decisions about their finances, and to give people the information they need to make a plan for the future.

All of this culminated in a unique proposition that would speak to multiple audiences: helping you live your best life. We also developed new tone of voice guidelines that made the brand more accessible (no stuffy jargon), as well as a new look and feel and a brand handbook. 

An online survey – revolutionary in the field – enables their customers to input information about their dreams, hopes and plans for retirement. It is crucial to gain these insights, in order to guide advisors and help members see their progress for themselves. We integrated the Who Am I platform with a supporting campaign, both on and offline, which included an animated brand video and informative leaflet.


Happily ever after

The brand refresh and new online offering has really helped WPS Advisory to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and they’re seeing increased customer engagement with a higher than average take-up from employees who are offered paid-for advice. More importantly, they’re helping their customers make informed decisions.

“I absolutely love the work MakingGiants did on the animations for our Who am I video. A very big thank you, just the flavour I wanted.”

Simon Chrystal, CEO
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