West Cliff Mansions

Overcoming the challenges of a global pandemic to deliver an award-winning launch campaign for one of Bournemouth’s most exciting new homes developments.

Once upon a time

West Cliff Mansions is a joint venture between Muse Developments and Bournemouth Development Company. We were approached by Stubbings Property Marketing to create a multi-channel branding and marketing strategy to support the June 2021 launch. The campaign would need to differentiate against the local competition and generate wider awareness, while connecting with the local community.

Twist in the tale

Launching West Cliff Mansions off-plan amidst a global pandemic brought with it an array of challenges.

We had to find a way to drive interest to a site with low-to-no initial footfall, in a place with seasonal activity severely curtailed by the pandemic, and motivate an audience to imagine their life without being able to see the product.

We immersed ourselves in the local culture by reaching out to independent businesses and identifying key conversations happening across social media, using strategic insights to develop personas and get underneath the skin of buyer motivations.

We developed a distinctive placemaking proposition ‘A moment in time’, with a naming and brand identity that were steeped in area research and designed to differentiate from competitors.

Our digital-focused strategy leveraged the channels we knew our audience were occupying and we flexed our content to maximise the return. The name, key messaging and tone of voice all helped to position the scheme at the higher end of the market.

The campaign (including a microsite, content marketing, digital advertising, social media, hoarding, EDM and an offline magazine) was highly successful in supporting the objectives of driving sales with all homes sold within a year of the launch.

We used social media listening tools to understand market trends and with online property searches increasingly looking for ‘access to open space’, ‘flexibility’ and a ‘better work/life balance’ due to more people working from home, we knew this was a key driver that we needed to align with in both the brand identity and narrative.

We uncovered interesting architectural heritage facts, which inspired the creative ‘Mansions’ naming and gave us a point of difference as did the use of ‘residences’ – this evoked an emotional response of grandeur, which aligned with our buyer personas’ collective ambitions.

The website was also lifestyle-led with magazine content that included interviews with local businesses and editorials that were informed by our content pillars. This created a rich content marketing experience and also resulted in a host of community champions. Our campaign was amplified on social through an organic content calendar, community outreach and paid ads during key milestones.

Happily ever after

There were two distinct areas we measured to understand how effective our multi-channel marketing campaign was. The first was focused on how we drove interest to the development, which we measured through online visibility and reach. And the second was around generating a buzz from the wider audience and including local buyers, which we measured through engagement.

38,000 website visits since launch
13,000 coming from organic social
106,000+ page views to date

One specific Instagram campaign generated 425 link clicks, 13,000+ impressions and 106,000+ page views

The campaign also went on to win the Best Marketing Campaign: Residential Sales award at the Property Marketing Awards 2022. What’s more, the development sold out off-plan.

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