Inspiring a new generation to get excited about their pension pot. 

Once upon a time

Pensions are boring and overcomplicated. That’s the sentiment behind a variety of consumer studies. But we think saving for your future can be pretty exciting, actually. So we set ourselves a challenge: to make saving for retirement more enjoyable, and to empower a new generation to change their financial habits. 

Twist in the tale

We launched a week-long creative hackathon and locked three of our lead designers in a room and gave them this brief:

Where should pensions be in five years time? 

The majority of people aged between 22-29 don’t really want to save for a pension, instead living for the here and now. And one of the main barriers to saving into a pension is that it’s too complicated. So to really engage with the audience, we needed to understand their daily habits and create a solution that was easy to use.

Meet Jenny

Our persona is 25 years old and renting in London. 

Jenny’s just got her first job at a PR agency as a media manager, earning £30k a year.

Her new job will be her first chance to use a workplace scheme and long-term savings.

Likes browsing social media, hanging with her mates and travelling. 

Dislikes lots of paperwork, maths and the British weather.

Meet Savi

Savi is a prototype app that’s a financial PA, helping people like Jenny with day-to-day finances and empowering them to form better savings habits for the future. Savi will help users navigate the complicated world of savings and investments by answering all sorts of questions, from helping users understand their expenditure to offering tips and tricks on how to reduce spending and save money.

Making of…

We hosted immersive workshops and brainstorming sessions, which explored ways to make pensions more accessible. The outcome was a rough and ready prototype.

We developed an identity, tone of voice, and proposition that would stand out from the crowd. 

We brought the brand to life by giving it a character, Savi. Along with facial recognition as part of the user interface, this makes the app more relatable and builds a better connection with the audience. 

We carried out in-depth user testing to check accessibility and make the experience as engaging as possible.

We launched Savi to a wide audience at events around the country, including the PLSA.

Engagement strategy


Using technology and creativity we can show Jenny how her situation compares with others, reassuring her that she’s not alone in her financial predicament.


We help Jenny form new savings habits. It’s unrealistic to ask people to save big chunks of their salary, so instead we focus on saving smaller amounts – it’s not about how much but how often.

Goal setting

We’re now helping Jenny with her long-term financial planning, giving her a holistic view of her savings as well as her partner’s. 

Happily ever after

We set out to create something that would make people think differently about saving for a pension. Savi illustrates the direction of the market and the need for intuitive money management tools. It’s all about helping people navigate life’s twists and turns and taking them on a journey to form better savings habits.

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