As a topic pensions can be confusing and when you start to add in elements of state pension as well, it can be seriously intimidating. There’s no doubt the Guaranteed Minimum Pension (GMP) can be a minefield for schemes as well as members, so how do you get the information across clearly and effectively? You make it digital.


Once upon a time

Santander approached us to help support their GMP consultation process in August 2021. They needed a way to effectively communicate what GMP is and the changes that were being made, without causing confusion or concern to their members. The timeline was short and we needed to get key information across to members in an easily accessible way.

Twist in the tale

Working with Santander we agreed that the best way to tackle the GMP consultation was via a new member website, to help support written communications and documents. Although initially set up to support the consultation, the website needed to continue to grow, with key information to help support members throughout their journey.

We devised a communication strategy that supported and empowered members, engaging them in a conversation to help them understand the process. If the language was too complex or the tone unwelcoming, members were more likely to ignore it. So, the communications had to be short and sweet, easy to understand, with clear calls to action. Knowledge is power, after all.

Happily ever after

Since its launch, the website has made sharing updates and scheme documents much easier and quicker and kept members in the loop throughout the consultation. After just one month, the website attracted 718 users and 837 views of the homepage, with these numbers growing each and every day.


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