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We’ve worked with the Royal Mail Pension Plan (RMPP) since 2014, producing key communications for their Plan members. The focus of this project was to really listen to the members and reimagine a clear and engaging user journey consistently across all communications. And where better to start than their member website …


Once upon a time

In 2019 the RMPP commissioned a series of member focus groups to understand members’ views on the communications they receive from the Plan and what would help to support them throughout their member journey.

Twist in the tale

The findings from the focus groups highlighted that many members were struggling to find the information they needed. The Plan is complex with different sections based on different joining dates. Members found it difficult to understand which section of the Plan they were in.

It was a collaborative process – we worked closely with the Plan administrators and the wider pensions team to really dig deep into what the members would see at each stage of the process.

The result was a reimagined website with a clear navigation linking members quickly to the information most relevant to them. We introduced a drop-down menu on the Home page so that members could easily find the right section of the Plan. The overall content was shortened to provide key information upfront as well as bite-sized videos.

Happily Ever After

The new look website sent a clear message to members that this was their Plan and their voices had been heard loud and clear.

And after launch the results showed:

Spent over 10 minutes per session

Total unique video views

scrolled to the bottom of each page

But we haven’t finished there….the website needs to continue to adapt and evolve with the membership so we introduced a pop-up member survey to continue to collate feedback and make sure that the most relevant information is available for the membership and communicated in the way that they expect.

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