Making waves. Cultivating a sense of community. Instilling pride. And making people feel like they’re part of something bigger than just their four walls.

Once upon a time

Crest Nicholson came to us with a problem. They had a number of new homes to market at Paintworks in Bristol but needed a completely fresh approach. There was already a well established business and creative community in Paintworks, so the brand strategy had to reach and engage with locals as well as bring new people to the area.

Twist in the tale

This project made waves because it was the first scheme to have its own website and brand identity. Our research into the area and target audience meant we had to break away from the corporate structure of Crest Nicholson’s website and create a fully bespoke digital experience. The company had up to this point relied mainly on print media to advertise their developments, but through social listening tools we found the main audience were on Twitter and Instagram. So we launched a social strategy, tapped into key conversations happening in and around the area and found local ambassadors that could help us tell the brand story.
There was (and still is) a strong creative influence in the area, so we put a call out on social, inviting artists and creatives in the area to come along to a live hackathon session to create unique artwork for the host brochure, website and marketing suite. We filmed the event and streamed it across digital platforms alongside interviews with businesses on the ground, and lifestyle photography.

Happily ever after

A few years on and Paintworks is still going strong. Crest Nicholson sold all of their homes ahead of schedule and the social strategy that we set up has now been taken over by locals, showcasing the real sense of community.

Property Marketing Awards 2017 Best Marketing Campaign: Residential New Build

2017 Best Digital Marketing campaign

‘Best Use of Digital in the Property Sector’ – Digital Impact Awards

“Best Regional Strategy’ – Drum Social Buzz Awards

3x more conversions than other developments

30% increase in sales revenue over two-year period

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