Nuffield Health

The UK’s largest healthcare charity approached us to help them make better connections with their audience. With a focus on storytelling and digital disruption, the project was all about motivating staff to engage with their long-term savings.

Once upon a time

Nuffield Health wanted their employees to understand changes to the workplace pension scheme and feel empowered to make decisions about their financial future. 

Twist in the tale

We worked closely with the Nuffield Health team so we could really understand the brief and the challenges they were facing. There was a lot of research involved, so our data huggers and bookworms felt right at home delving into insights and crunching the numbers. 

After gathering the data, we developed and launched a comprehensive communications strategy that involved both offline and online touchpoints. 

The star of the show was an interactive tool on the website, which gave employees a much more intuitive experience when it came to plotting out their savings potential. The tool was supported by a live action video that introduced Lucy, a friendly face from the pensions team that the audience could relate to, and a targeted email campaign helped us spread the message further.

Happily ever after

The changes to the workplace scheme were heard loud and clear, and the team saw a real boost in employee engagement. Two weeks after sending, the email campaign achieved an open rate of 29.2% and a click-through of over 14%.

600 direct email response from the campaign

350 calls to the hotline

317 recorded contribution revisions

Over 2,000 landing page views

686 video views

1,1412 uses of the modeller

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