Kitchener Barracks

This new collection of homes is located in Chatham on a site that has a fascinating military heritage.

Once upon a time

This new collection of homes in Chatham,Kent is built on a former military site, so has a rich heritage and a fascinating story to tell. Our job was to bring this story to life both offline and online, and to support the overall marketing strategy with an engaging social media campaign.

Twist in the tale

We kicked off the project with a discovery workshop, where we captured everything we needed to know. We worked with the team to create a strong narrative, tone of voice and brand identity which was underpinned by a distinctive proposition: History respected. Design discovered. We rolled this out across multiple channels including a host brochure, microsite and HTML campaign. The real challenge was taking all of this and creating a compelling story that would not only reach people on social media, but encourage them to take action and become part of the community.

We’re big on emotions and getting underneath the skin of what motivates people to make decisions, so this was a real focus during the discovery process. After digging deep into our audience personas and gathering up all the data on the local area, we unearthed some key themes that we could draw upon and activate across social: technology, architecture, light, space, lifestyle and heritage. These themes informed our content calendar and we used social listening tools to create our channel strategy. 

The campaign was activated across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with the main objective of driving leads to the website and creating a buzz amongst the community. Alongside organic content we also developed a paid campaign, building partnerships with local businesses and influencers.

Happily ever after

The campaign generated multiple leads with three properties being sold directly through Instagram. But the project was about more than just sales – it was about creating a community that people will feel proud of for years to come. And that community is still growing strong today…

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