East Wick + Sweetwater


How do you create a place where everyone feels welcome? That was our mission at East Wick and Sweetwater. Our team of creative thinkers and doers crafted a marketing and digital strategy that puts family at the heart of this up and coming community.

Once upon a time

East Wick and Sweetwater is a creative community in the heart of the Olympic Park. Our client, Places for People, needed a creative approach that would reflect everything happening in the area and get people excited to live and work here.


Twist in the tale

This area is so diverse. From the converted creative warehouses in Hackney Wick and Fish Island, to the bustling business district in Stratford and the green open space in the Olympic Park; the creative approach had to capture it all and speak to multiple audiences. We did this through storytelling and a digital-first strategy, which included an interactive website and social media plan.

Happily ever after

Check out the sweet new website here!
The journey hasn’t stopped there; we’re constantly tinkering with ingredients and experiments to better the experience as the story continues.

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