Rather than go through chapter and verse of every facet of our approach to the process, planning, research, and delivery, let’s keep it simple… The campaign worked due to relevance.


Time is short and the fact that you’re reading this article now is no fluke and is a testament to planning and delivery in its own right. “Get on with it”, I hear you say and that’s just the point! Targeted campaign delivery, designed to elicit an emotional response is key to getting results.

Think about how you personally consume communications. Do you read all of the emails coming into your inbox, or do you filter at the point of reading the sender and subject line? You may want to keep receiving emails from Eurocamp, but until it’s the right time, you won’t action it, despite the savings being advertised. Similarly, if you’re looking for property, you will be inundated with portals and information that you have signed up for, let alone unsolicited emails sent to you because your circumstances dictate an apparent need that someone else buys into.

It’s at this point that all property-related communication is relevant, in principle. But which will excite you and pique your curiosity?

I digress, as email was just a small part of our approach, and rather than pay a premium for traditional advertising, out-of-home, or bought data to create awareness for this award-winning campaign, we used social media as the snowplow. But first, we had to know who we were going to speak to?

Know your audience

A collection of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments could be right for any demographic within reason! And with a post-pandemic trend of people moving out of London and the Home Counties, why limit advertising to the local area of Bournemouth? Maybe we should take it overseas? How about a stand at the G8 conference or leaflet the great and the good on the slopes of the French Alps too…?

Where do you stop; and unless you focus your attention, where the hell do you start?

Research. Look at the data, social listening, what the local market indicators are as to who is really going to buy there and go after that niche, tailoring content for them and their lifestyle specifically, so they can visualise themselves living there. That does not then mean running endless empty CGIs telling people how much it is… you know who you are!

Like brand in general, it’s about creating a feeling and tapping into emotions, as we buy property as much with our heart as we do with our head and our wallet.

Marketing 101

So campaign-wise, it’s about getting back to basics – Segmentation; Targeting; Positioning – get that right and you’re onto a winner. Then use a content marketing strategy to create the perception of need, the fear of missing out, and wider advocacy.

Then it’s about revisiting the data and adapting the campaign to further increase saliency and drive traffic to the website, which itself should have everything a customer needs to do their research within a consistent brand experience. 

Don’t just rely on a brochure to tell the story of your scheme. Convey the brand’s values upfront online so that the customer can relate to it straight away and provide content that aligns with their lifestyle. Whether that’s community interest stories or an in-depth view on why the building that they will come to love has been designed as it has been. PR fluff about breaking ground and topping out bears no relevance to a time-poor consumer.

Rich and relevant content is key to driving traction and generating pre-qualified leads who arrive at the site fully conversant with the scheme. Then the process on-site is more of a discussion and sign-up to buy than a hard sell, per see.

So in the case of West Cliff Mansions, we created a compelling lifestyle-focused campaign, designed to resonate with the chosen target market. The campaign positioning differentiated us from the local competition. It was consistently applied across all touchpoints and it was creative in its application, be it hoarding, digital magazine, organic and paid social media, and microsite.

Want to know more?

Please do visit our case study or video to see the specific challenges we faced, the campaign strategy and tactics used, as well as the stunning metrics that helped us seal an award and to sell these 44 apartments off-plan in a year.

Alternatively, we’re more than happy to meet for a brew, in person, on the slopes, or online and we can take you through chapter and verse 🙂