This week children went back to school and we’re celebrating. Celebrating makes us appreciate the world we live in. By celebrating their return to school we’re also celebrating the fact that we are surviving lockdown. It means the world is starting to return to normal – even if just in a small way. 

Celebrating focusses our mind on gratitude.  And being grateful fosters happiness. It also helps us with memory retention, can improve the quality of sleep and makes us more creative.

Why is this? When you celebrate a moment or an achievement, big or small you have to pause for a moment. It forces you to be thoughtful and mindful and focus on the moment. And not just any moment, a moment worth celebrating! Now doesn’t that feel good? What a way to motivate yourself.

We so often just focus on the next step to the next goal that we forget to pause and reflect. Our experiences are shaped by our actions and marking days as achievements help our brains look for more of those experiences. 

To quote James M. Kouzes, author of The leadership challenge; “Celebrations are the punctuation that which makes sense of the passage of time. Without them, there are no beginnings and no endings. Life becomes an endless series of Wednesdays.”

What are you celebrating today?

Thanks to the Brainy Business podcast for reminding us about the importance of celebrating!